Fryer Oil Costs Cut in Half

  • Master Chef's Award

    Master Chefs' Seal of Excellence
    Achieved the Master Chef standard of quality & judged to be superior in its application.

  • Frylow Customers

    Legoland, Universal Studios, Destination Hotels, Palace Entertainment &
    MGM Resorts International are Frylow Customers.

  • Frylow Oil Extending Device

    Doubled Fryer Oil Life
    Patented technology slows oxidation doubling the life of the deep-fryer oil.

  • French Fries

    Lighter, Crispier, Tastier Deep-Fried Food.
    Consistent fried product with decreased oil absorption.

  • Frylow Fried Food Comparison

    Side-By-Side Comparison with Food cooked in the same oil.
    With Frylow the results are obvious.

Introducing Frylow

Frylow is a premium fryer oil extending device that rests in the deep-fryer. Frylow has the distinction of providing top quality results to any deep-fried food items.

A light, crispy, juicier product with a "Clean Profile" while the cooking oil life is doubled at minimum.

Frylow provides your restaurant a significant cost advantage while producing better tasting fried food, basket after basket. (less calories too)

Crispy, Juicier Fried Food

Doubled Fryer Oil Life

Frylow is a ceramic device for use in commercial deep-fryers. Patented in 2002, Frylow technology allows less oil to penetrate the fried food. Heat transfer is increased. Temperatures are lowered. Oil absorption is reduced.

A perfect solution to cut your kitchens cooking oil purchases in half. Highly cost effective, low maintenance, with increased quality of product.

Installs in 5-minutes.

Master Chefs' Certified

5-Year Warranty

An innovative, superior quality, fryer oil extending device with shorter cooking times, lower temperatures, 40% less oil absorption & a 10-year lifespan.

Fantastic Fried Food

2-Week Trials

Too Good to Be True?

Arrange for a trial & prove Frylow's worth to yourself at no-charge. No risk with huge savings potential. Get started immediately.

Return FedEx Shipping!!

Fewer Oil Changes

If your filter & change the fryer oil 1-time or more weekly the savings are substantial. Kitchen staff value Frylow as unwanted hot oil changes are cut-in-half or potentially even longer.

Employee Safety Bonus