Significant Fryer-Oil Savings

Annual Oil Costs?

5-year Forecast?

Annual fryer oil costs are always higher than you think. As the price of crude oil increases so does the price of vegetable oil.

The charts below emphasize typical fryer oil costs for restaurants that change the fryer oil 2 times per week.

Restaurants utilizing the Frylow fryer oil saving device will cut their oil usage in half. The result is, at minimal, half the cost in fryer oil.

Many Frylow customer experience a ROI in the 6-7 Month range with double+ fryer oil annual savings. Frylow has a 5-year warranty.

Frylow Profit Graph

A decrease in oil changes lowers the time kitchen staff are handling the hot oil. As oil changes decrease so do the risks of fryer oil burns. Employee's safety levels rise.

Staff can be better utilized, cooking in the kitchen.

2 Oil Changes / Week Using 50LB Fryers Without Frylow
# of Fryers Boxes of Oil Cost / Month Cost / Year
1 13 $325 $3,900
2 26 $650 $7,800
3 39 $975 $11,700
4 52 $1,300 $15,600
5 65 $1,625 $19,500
6 78 $1,950 $23,400

Calculations are made assuming a fryer oil cost of $25/box, using a 50 LB fryer, utilizing 1.5 boxes (35LB) of oil to fill a fryer. Calculations based on 4.33 weeks per month.

1 Oil Change / Week Using 50LB Fryers With Frylow
# of Fryers Boxes of Oil Cost / Month Cost / Year
1 6.5 $162 $1,950
2 13 $325 $3,900
3 20 $487 $5,850
4 26 $650 $7,800
5 33 $812 $9,750
6 39 $975 $11,700

The numbers reported are conservative. The more frequent the oil is changed the greater the savings with a Frylow Deep-Fryer Device.

Frylow Oil Extending Device

Changing your oil 1 time per week or more? Inquire about a Frylow trial. We provide you a Return on Investment, calculate your current oil costs & show you the savings for the next 10-years.

Count the savings with a Frylow Fryer Oil Extending Device.