Perfecting Fried Food

Frylow Models & Features

Model FL-15

for Small Deep-Fryers

  • Used for under 35 lb fryers
  • Dimensions - 5.5in x 4in
  • Weight - .75 lbs
  • Ceramic Tiles - 4

Frylow Model FL-15

Model FL-25

for Regular Deep-Fryers

  • Max Capacity in lbs - 60
  • Dimensions - 11in x 4in
  • Weight - 1.5 lbs
  • Ceramic Tiles - 8
  • Used in 40-60 lb Fryers

Frylow Model FL-25

Model FL-40

for Larger Deep-Fryers

  • Max Capacity in lbs - 90
  • Dimensions - 15.5in x 4in
  • Weight - 2.5 lbs
  • Ceramic Tiles - 12
  • Used in 65-90 lb Fryers

Frylow Model FL-40

5-Year Warranty

Made to the highest quality manufacturing standards and materials, Frylow is a robust long lasting unit. The quality of this product is backed with a 5-year warranty.

Minimal Maintenance

Frylow requires minimal maintenance. Frylow requires a rinse under hot running tap water for 2 minutes a day & 15 minutes in boiling water every 2 weeks. Maintenance is performed at the same time you filter or change the oil.

Fat Fryer Compatibility

Frylow works with all commercial fryers including:

Henny Penny, Pitco, Resfab, Frymaster, Ultrafryer, Wells, Adcraft, Abamaster, Cecilware, Sierra, American Range, Vulcan, Fridgcon, Imperial Range, Royal Range, Anets, Black Diamond, Keating ...

Filtering Compatibility

Frylow works well with Magnesol XL filtering powder, Miroil, Cone filtering, Filtercorp & RTI Inc. oil management systems.

Filtering is essential for commercial deep-frying operations.

Frylow is not an alternative to fry oil filtering or oil filtration systems.


Frylow's conditioning catalysts are baked into the ceramic device as opposed to a coating that does not have the same longevity or consistent performance. Frylow's performance does not degrade with darkening oil conditions.

Competitive deep-fryer oil longevity products on the market have only a 2-year warranty & a 2-year life span at a similar price.

Industrial Models

Please inquire about Frylow Industrial and Manufacturing size models.

** Please Note **

The ceramic tiles should never come out or be taken out of the stainless-steel housing.