Food Just Tastes Better

Applebees Restaurants

Drop in Oil Usage

We have been using the Frylow system in our restaurant for about 8 months now. Since its inception here I have noticed two things, 1. I have noticed a huge drop in our oil usage 2. The food quality and taste is much improved. The first is contributed to fewer oil changes; with daily filtering and proper maintenance we have extend our oil life to about 8-10 days in between changes, compare that to changing the oil every Monday and Thursday and you will quickly see a change in your shortening cost. The second is that the food just tastes better. I was skeptic at first but once trying the Frylow oil I was immediately sold on the improvement in food quality. I personally would only eat the food out of the fryer on the day of changes but now I don’t think twice whether it is day 1 or day 8.

Charles White,
General Manager,
Ocala, Florida