Satisfied, They Made Videos

Customer Video Testimonials

Phil's Sliders, Berkeley CA

Frylow Sales Inc would like to give special thanks to Hugh Groman of Phil's Sliders in Berkeley, California & Peter Osborne of Momo's Restaurant in San Francisco, California. Hugh & Peter both took their valuable time out to make these videos. Their terrific endorsements for Frylow technology were honored.

Momo's, San Francisco

Frylow installs in 1 minute. Results are immediate. There are no additional costs associated with maintenance. Frylow does not replace the requirements of oil filtering.

Deep-frying cooking times are reduced with complete quality assurance.

The Better you keep the quality of the oil, the better fried product you will deliver to the customer.

Frylow does not alter the taste of the fried food.

Commercial kitchens using Frylow appreciate the ease-of-use along with the substantial cost savings.