Master Chefs' Certified

Independent Evaluation

In November 2016, Frylow’s effect on food quality was evaluated by an outside, independent group called the Master Chefs' Institute, which scientifically validated Frylow’s food quality benefits. In particular, the Institute documented that Frylow fried food is superior in every way (taste, crispiness, appearance, etc.) on every one of 6 representative fried foods prepared.

Based on test results, the Institute bestowed its Master Chefs' Seal of Excellence on Frylow.

In blind testing, a panel of master chefs judged 6 characteristics of 6-types of fried food prepared with and without Frylow.

The panel determined that Frylow fried food was better than ordinary fried food on all 6 characteristics measured on all 6-foods tested.

The 6 characteristics were taste, crispiness, appearance, texture, aroma, and color.

The 6 foods were french fries, onion rings, sweet potato fries, calamari, chicken wings, & chicken tenders.

Please download the Frylow Master Chefs' Seal of Excellence Evaluation Report.

Master Chef Ferdinand Metz

The prestigious Master Chefs' Institute is composed of rigorously-certified Master Chefs and led by Ferdinand Metz (CMC), a James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award winner who was President of the Culinary Institute of America for 21 years.

Ferdinand worked at the Preakness Hills Country Club,the Le Pavillon restaurant and the Plaza Hotel in New York City. A stellar 15-year career at the H.J. Heinz Company, where he excelled in the Research and Development department as Senior Manager.

Master Chef Metz was instrumental in establishing the Apprenticeship, Certification and Master Chefs’ Certification program in America during the mid-1970s.

The Master Chefs' Institute provides independent culinary product testing services to restaurants and food manufacturing establishments nationwide. (

Master Chef Ferdinand Metz