Customer Testimonials

Arrowhead Country Club

Not a Gimmick

I started using the Frylow units in February of 2010 and to say the least I am very impressed. I have seen many gimmicks of reducing fryer oil costs. The Frylow unit is definitely not a gimmick; it is very amazing how well it works!

Without the Frylow units, I was changing oil every 3-4 days. With the unit, I am now changing oil every 8-10 days. Changing the fryer oil costs $100 each time. Without the Frylow units, I would change oil 104 times per year at today’s cost of $100 = $10,400. With the Frylow units, I will change the fryer oil 43 times at a cost of $4,300. My annual savings will be $6,100. I will also be saving on energy costs being able to lower the temperature of the fryers without effecting my cooking times.

Since I have started cooking with the Frylow units, I am noticing better healthier fried food. The fryer oil does not absorb into the food producing more of a quality product. While using the Frylow unit, I have also seen the color of the product stays the same no matter how dark the oil is.

If you want to reduce your costs and offer better fried food I definitely recommend Frylow. Installation is easy with minimal maintenance of the unit.

Mark Waishnora,
Executive Chef.
Arrowhead Country Club
Glendale, Arizona