Top Frying Expense - Fryer Oil

Frylow Benefits

Increased Fryer Oil Life

With Frylow the color of the fried product is always golden. Taste is better. Is there a better way to consistently serve excellent fried product? Cooking oil life is at least doubled. The oxidation of deep fryer oil is slowed down & as a result the life span of the cooking oil dramatically increases. Oil costs are consistent and measurable with Frylow.

Frylow Installation
Better Tasting Fried Foods

Due to a lower oil absorption in food cooked utilizing the Frylow technology, food is lighter, crisper & tastier. Frylow reduces oil penetration by up to 40%. Chefs and customers have commented on the "Cleaner Taste".

Less oil content allows fried product to last longer ... especially under the lamp.

fries under heating lamp
Ease of Use

Frylow install in under 10-minutes. Frylow comes with a clip (U-Bar) to hang the unit between the coils (if required). Maintenance is very simple. Rinse if off daily (under the tap) when you filter the oil. Boil it for 15-minutes on the stove when you change the oil. That is it!

frylow on deep-fryer coils
Reduced Energy Use

Frylow technology enables food to be cooked at lower temperatures (lower viscoscity). Temperatures are lowered from 350F to 340F degrees with 10% faster cooking times.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Reduction in electricity, waste vegetable oil removal, gas costs & cooking times will significantly lower your carbon footprint.

Empty deep-fryer