Taste The Difference

A Frylow trial will provide:

  • Better tasting fried food
  • Longer Fry Oil Life
  • Quicker frying times
  • Reduced temperatures
  • Simple operations
  • Simple maintenance

Frylow trials are a perfect fit when your current fry oil change pattern is twice per week or more. Daily filtering is also significant in the Frylow catalytic process.

A Frylow trial takes minimal effort. See for yourselves. A trial can be started in 1-week with Frylow units shipped.

The savings, during the Frylow trial, will be well worth the effort.

Frylow Trial at Teds Bulletin

What to Expect in a Trial

  • Units sized to match restaurant deep-fryers (demo units)
  • 1-unit per fryer at your commercial kitchen
  • “Best Practices” training for all staff involved in deep-frying
  • 3M FFA oil test strips included for oil quality verification
  • Units shipped free-of-charge by FedEx with tracking
  • Digital summary & paper instructions included
  • Return-on-Investment (ROI) provided before trial starts
  • Trials are 2-3 weeks at no cost to commercial kitchen client

Frylow maintenance rinsing

Fryer info Required

  • Size of fryers in LBs at trial location
  • Quantity of fryers
  • Type of oil used & price per 35 LB box (for ROI)
  • Number of oil changes currently per week
  • Close communications with chefs & management
  • What are perceived goals for a successful trial
  • (better product, fewer oil changes, easier operations ...)

  • Digital thermometer on location
  • (bulit-in fryer thermometers are notably inaccurate)

3M Oil quality test strip

Deep fried fish using Frylow

Items fried in the same oil, same fryer, with and without Frylow in the Deep-fryers.

Deep fried shrimp using Frylow

Notice the golden color of the items fried with Frylow in the fryer. Oil absorption is 40% less.