Reduce Oil Usage 50%

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings, Goodyear L.L.C
13311 West McDowell Rd
Goodyear, Arizona 85338

Frylow Test

Recently we had the opportinity to test Frylow in all seven of our fyers at our Goodyear location. With the high volume of food that is fried in our restaurant, we are normally changing the oil every other day. With the frylow added to all of our systems we noticed that we only needed to change the oil every 4 to 5 days. This is a significant decrease in oil usage on average of 50%.

We also needed to reduce the temperature and re-calibrate all of our fryers to 335 degrees from 350 degrees thus using less energy. We also noticed that the food took less time than our specification cook times wich increased speed of service from the kitchen as well as a decrease in labor needed since we were changing oil less frequently.

The product tasted better and came out more quickly. I definitely recommend Frylow to any restaurant that uses deep fryers. The cost savings will be evident.

Best Regards,

Andrew Bayless
Operations Partner
Buffalo Wild Wings